John Davis – Vibraphonist

Playing ALL WEEKEND! Located in Kellogg Park!

John Davis grew up in Highland Park, Michigan, where he studied music. He has been performing throughout Michigan, Ohio as well as Chicago for over 45 years, and cites Lionel Hampton as his biggest
influence. John plays a wide variety of music including R&B, Latin, Reggae, country and Funk. He performs at Detroit’s Eastern Market, Belle Isle, Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, and Andiamo in Clarkston along with numerous large art fairs in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Vibraphones, also called Vibraharps or Vibes, are played with 2 or 4 mallets. Striking different keys that correspond to the keyboard of a piano. The beautiful sound of the instrument comes from the metal bars (keys) and metal tubes which hang below the keys; this in turn amplifies the sound. In addition there is a motor, which spins acoustic paddles within each metal tube, giving the instrument a vibrato effect. The instrument is often called a Vibraharp because it sounds very similar to a Harp in its soft, soothing sounds.