Events & Activities

  • DeLorean Time Machine

    The rumors are true! The theme for this years huge chalk mural & living mural is… Back To the Future!  Art in the Park is thrilled to announce that a DeLorean Time Machine will be onsite all 3 days of AITP! If your kids haven’t seen this classic make sure they do!  Check it out at the corner of Main Street & Penniman! 

    PHOTO OP – fans will have a chance to have 3 pictures taken in the drivers’s seat for $10.00 – $2.00 of each sale will benefit Friends Of The PENN!  

  • LEGO Exhibit by MichLUG

    MichLUG specializes in doing large scale LEGO displays for the public to help promote LEGO and creativity!  Don’t miss their large scale display this year at Art In The Park on Penniman near The Gathering!  Kids & adults alike can come & marvel at the display as well as interact with other brick lovers who share a passion for LEGO.  You can even build your own custom mini-fig!  MichLUG participates in dozens of LEGO events throughout the year, and Art In The Park is proud to have them here in Plymouth.  MichLUG is one of the most active LEGO User Groups in the world!  Exhibit sponsored by:


  • Musical Garden by Michigan Philharmonic & Main Street Opera Theater

    Music & Art will converge in the “Musical Garden” this year in Kellogg Park.  This free interactive music garden will consist of 7 GIANT, hand painted flower sculptures that are also musical instruments that you can try your hand at playing!  Don’t miss this new interactive adventure!                     


  • The Living Mural

    Friday-Saturday-Sunday – Booth #800 at Penniman & Main St!

    Kristen Dillenbeck Zipp of Portland, Oregon (formerly of Canton) will once again create a living art mural during Art In The Park.  She came up with the idea of body painting then combined it with her love of live murals. Kristen has demonstrated her living mural as well as just body painting at many different shows in Oregon, New York, and Michigan.  This will be her 10th year at Art In The Park!  Incorporating canvas, paint & live human figures, the 3-dimensional mural is bound to turn heads throughout the weekend.  The living art mural will be on display on the intersection of Main & Ann Arbor Trail.

  • George Tait's Living Statue

    Friday-Saturday-Sunday from 1:00pm – 5:00pm – On the Compass at Main & Ann Arbor Trail!

    There’s music playing softly in the background.  A grey statue stands two feet in the air on a stone platform with an umbrella cane in hand.  You notice a crowd gathered transfixed on the motionless figure, waiting.  Every 15 minutes the statue comes to life!  Everyone applauds & one person is silently asked to join the statue.  The statue manages to read minds, challenge your perception & stop time. This is the experience folks have year after year at Art In The Park where George has become an iconic fixture.

  • Chalk Mural

    Friday-Saturday-Sunday – located at Main & Penniman!

    Local artist Erin Dillenbeck and D & M Art Studio, will be back creating a chalk art masterpiece!  The street art demonstration will be sketched with chalk onto the pavement and will be a work in progress all weekend.  Several D&M Studios artists will be on hand to assist with the chalk mural.  Check it out at the intersection of Main & Penniman!



  • The Funny Waiter Show! by John Park

    Several shows per day! Located in Kellogg Park!

    • FRIDAY showtimes – 12:00pm – 3:00pm – 6:00pm
    • SATURDAY showtimes – 12:00pm – 3:00pm – 6:00pm
    • SUNDAY showtimes – 12:00pm – 3:00pm

    Be sure to check out the Funny Waiter Show! This plate spinner is not a rude waiter. Instead he gets his laughs – as much as any stand up comic or comedian – with original comedy routines involving food, drink, music, and more.

    Eat… See marshmallows become airborne appetizers! John pairs off with a volunteer. Ten steps are paced off. They turn, and each throws a marshmallow to their opponent. Who will catch one in their mouth first? Can you stand the suspense?

    Drink… But please don’t spill. That big yellow wet floor sign is unsightly but necessary. The epic water drinking duel is always a crowd favorite! Who’s feeling parched? Nothing quenches a thirst like a bottle of cool clear water. Imported, of course. Savor every last drop.

    …& Laugh, Laugh, Laugh! The Funny Waiter is very proud to present a classic routine some thought was lost to the ages. Plate Spinning! Nine at once! One of the most exciting finales ever has been given a comedy makeover with non-stop laughs.

  • Roots Vibration - Reggae Band

    Roots Vibrations is a musical force that provides authentic Caribbean music. Made up of members from the exotic islands of the Caribbean & the funky streets of Detroit, this band will stimulate your senses with positive roots music. Roots Vibration’s sound is uplifting and fun, and features creative & seasoned musicians who have a multi-generational and multinational appeal. They bring decades of experience and authenticity to the Reggae scene. They will be performing at the corner of Ann Arbor Trail & Forest Avenue!

    Friday & Saturday set times:

    • 1:00pm – 2:15pm
    • 3:00pm – 4:15pm
    • 4:45pm – 6:00pm

    Sunday set times:

    • 1:00pm – 2:00pm
    • 2:30pm – 3:30pm
    • 4:00pm – 5:00pm



  • DIA - Make a ribbon baton!

    Stop by the DIA’s Off Site Drop In Workshop in Kellogg Park and make your own masterpiece! The DIA will be assisting art lovers of all ages in making their own Rhythmic Ribbon Baton at Art In The Park.

  • My Adventure Theater

     Several shows per day! Located in Kellogg Park!

    • FRIDAY showtimes – 1:00pm – 4:00pm – 7:00pm
    • SATURDAY showtimes – 1:00pm – 4:00pm – 7:00pm
    • SUNDAY showtimes – 1:00pm – 4:00pm

    My Adventure Theater is an interactive family friendly theater experience for the entire family!  Characters are chosen from the audience, costumed on the spot & narrated through action-filled, laugh-packed adventures complete with songs, dancing and barrels-o-fun.  Photo opportunities galore and memories of a lifetime in the making, My Adventure Theater is not to be missed!  Check them out in Kellogg Park.

    • Gold Rush Canyon!
    • Pirate Island
    • Galactic Voyage
    • Nottingham Forest
  • Meet Princess Caroline!

    Join Princess Caroline each day as she inspires and encourages boys and girls to be good, kind and giving to all.  Princess Caroline will be sharing stories, songs & more at Art In The Park.  Bring your camera to pose with the Princess, compliments of Art In The Park.   Princess Caroline will enchant and delight your little one.  Be sure to find her at Art In The Park and receive a free gift!

  • UMatter Mural

    UMatter is a program focused on empowering teens to shatter the stigmas surrounding mental health challenges and suicide. It operates within the Friendship Circle family and is led by Teen Director Rabbi Yarden Blumstein. After recognizing a need for a larger discussion about mental health in the Detroit community, Friendship Circle created a teen advisory board to work on projects that would go on to create an atmosphere of inclusion within the community. Northville High School students Lauren Had & Ryan Silberg are members of the teen board for the non-profit and are spearheading a mural (in Kellogg Park) which will bring awareness & raise funds during AITP.
    A Note from the artist Lauren:
    “I have always had a dream to use my talents in art to help other people around me. I never knew who exactly I wanted to help though. However, being a seventeen year old in high school I decided earlier this year that I knew what group I wanted to help. This group was those who suffer from mental illness as this is such a prevalent issue among teenagers everywhere. There was a suicide at my school one year ago and this showed me that not only is this a common issue in teens, but it is a common problem in the people who surround me everyday. I decided that I wanted to help an organization that spreads awareness, education, and support for those struggling with or affected by mental illness, an organization like UMatter. I strongly believe that the best way to lessen the devastating effects of mental illness on teens is for other teens to become aware and take action to support those around them.
  • Jon Davis - Vibraphonist

    *Friday ONLY – on Ann Arbor Tr. across from Kellogg Park

    John Davis grew up in Highland Park, Michigan, where he studied music. He has been performing throughout Michigan, Ohio as well as Chicago for over 45 years, and cites Lionel Hampton as his biggest
    influence. John plays a wide variety of music including R&B, Latin, Reggae, country and Funk. He performs at Detroit’s Eastern Market, Belle Isle, Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, and Andiamo in Clarkston along with numerous large art fairs in the metropolitan Detroit area.

    Vibraphones, also called Vibraharps or Vibes, are played with 2 or 4 mallets. Striking different keys that correspond to the keyboard of a piano. The beautiful sound of the instrument comes from the metal bars (keys) and metal tubes which hang below the keys; this in turn amplifies the sound. In addition there is a motor, which spins acoustic paddles within each metal tube, giving the instrument a vibrato effect. The instrument is often called a Vibraharp because it sounds very similar to a Harp in its soft, soothing sounds.

  • Children's Mural

    Located in Kellogg Park!

    The popular children’s mural will return all weekend in Kellogg Park. Children of all ages are invited to come and make their artistic mark on an interactive canvas mural.  Following the event, the murals will be donated to East Middle School!